npm semantic-ui 2.2.0
Version 2.2.0 - June 26, 2016

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6 years ago

Project Features

  • jQuery - Semantic UI is now fully compatible with jQuery 3.0
  • Webpack - All css is now webpack-compatible
  • NPM - NPM dependencies have all been updated to latest stable releases

New UI Features

  • All UI - Added new setting silent to all modules which allows you to disable all console output including errors. This can be useful for preventing known errors, like a popup which cannot place itself on screen, or sticky content which initializes before it is visible #3713
  • All UI - All UI now include all sizing variations, mini, tiny, small, large, big, huge, massive. Headers remain with only 5 sizes small-huge to match H1-H5
  • All UI - Components that use event handlers on document, body, or a settings.context now all use DOM mutation observers to detect removal and prevent memory leaks
  • Button - Added compatibility with primary secondary positive negative buttons with the basic styling variation. #3756
  • Card - Added raised card variation Thanks @yordis #2955
  • Dropdown - All dropdowns, not just selection dropdown, will now select the first menu item that starts with a pressed keyboard key, for example "N" will select "New"
  • Dropdown - Dropdown now changes user selection on keyboard shortcuts immediately, this will save the extra enter key press to confirm selection in most cases. To enable previous pre 2.2 selection style use the setting selectOnKeydown: false
  • Dropdown - Dropdown will now automatically focus on search inside of a dropdown menu after it is opened.
  • Dropdown - Multiple select dropdown now sizes current dropdown input based on rendered width of a hidden element, not using an estimate based on character count. This means search will never break to a second line earlier than would normally fit in current line.
  • Icons - Icons now use the latest Font Awesome 4.6.3 Icons. 80+ new icons+ are included. Thanks @BreadMaker for the PR and @davegandy for the font!
  • Popup - Added new tooltip popup type that works without javascript. Tooltips can specify positioning and some variations using data attributes, and will handle positioning automatically with CSS only.
  • Progress - Progress now uses a polling interval for updates. Rapidly updating the progress bar over a period quicker than the animation duration (for example with xhr onprogress events say every 50ms) will now appear smooth as butter.
  • Table - definition table now includes additional class names for forcing, or ignoring definition cell styles

New Settings

  • Build Tools - Added new autoInstall option to allow for Semantic to be installed without user interaction. See docs explanation for how to use. #3616 Thanks @algorithme
  • Dropdown - Added fullSearchSearch: 'exact' setting, which requires exact matches for dropdown values #3085 #3994 Thanks @ShawnCholeva
  • Dropdown - Added new setting for search selection hideAdditions this will remove showing user additions inside the menu, making for a more intuitive adding process. Dropdowns now have a new state empty which will format an active dropdown with empty results. #3791
  • Dropdown - Adds new allowReselection option to trigger onChange events even when reselecting same value
  • Dropdown - Adds new setting minCharacters which sets the minimum number of characters required to start filtering results #3886
  • Form Validation - Added depends validation rule setting which will only validate a field if another specified field is not empty
  • Popup - Added new setting boundary and scrollContext. boundary lets you specify an element that the popup will try to position itself to be contained inside of. scrollContext lets you specify the element which when scrolled should hide the popup
  • Popup - Added new settings observeChanges, which is enabled by default. This will add special mutation observers to trigger destroy when the element is removed from the document, preventing memory leaks.
  • Progress - Added onLabelUpdate callback, this can be used to specify the exact text that should appear on the actual progress update, perhaps based on some external conditions
  • Rating - Added new setting fireOnInit for rating, which defaults to false. When set to true onRate will fire when rating is initialized #3712
  • Search - Added a new option selectFirstResult, which defaults to false. Will automatically highlight first result on search
  • Search - Search now includes a showNoResults setting for determining whether no results messages should be shown
  • Shape - Shape now lets you specify next side width using setting width, can use next or initial to specify whether it should use old or new side size
  • Tab - Added new setting cacheType, can either be html or response (default). HTML will cache resulting html after callbacks, response will cache the original response so that it can be played back identically on future loads #2534
  • Tab - Added new option deactivate, defaults to siblings which will only deactivate tab activators that are DOM siblings elements to the activating element. Setting it to 'all' will deactivate any other tab element initialized at the same time.
  • Visibility - Added onFixed and onUnfixed callbacks for visibility type: 'fixed'
  • Visibility - Added onLoad and onAllLoaded callback for type: 'image' visibility
  • Visibility - Added zIndex setting for specifying zindex with type: 'fixed' #3370

New Behaviors

  • Dropdown - Added new convenience method restore placeholder text
  • Image - transition hidden image now shows correctly as visibility: hidden; and not display: none. This will allow offset with visibility and sticky to work more seamlessly. hidden image will still remain display: none;
  • Progress - Added progress is complete for returning whether success, warning, or error conditions are met

CSS Enhancements

  • All UI Extended variables which return exact pixel values in em (@relativePX and @px) up to 40px to allow for simple theming with exact values
  • Button - Added variables for configuring disabled background image and box shadow.
  • Site - Added colored box shadow defaults. ui message now includes individual colored border shadows based on new site defaults.
  • Site - Added new @inputColor and @inputPlaceholderColor global variables that now control placeholder text styles across all components.
  • Table - definition table now supports definition variation to specify definition styles on an element that is not :first-child
  • Table - definition table now supports ignored variation to force a first-child to ignore its default definition stylings

Critical Bug Fixes

  • All UI - Using component('setting, {}) to add multiple settings as an object literal, for example error: {}, will now deep extend the existing object instead of replacing it.
  • API - beforeSend would not correctly cancel request when return false; is used in callback. #3660
  • API - cache: 'local' would not return the localstorage cached results in some cases
  • Divider - Descenders like "g" are cut off in horizontal divider #3585
  • Dropdown - forceSelection will now automatically select values with multi dropdowns. When using userAdditions setting it will now automatically tokenize the current entered value
  • Dropdown - search selection would not let you move back in an entered search string with left arrow #3596 Thanks @sanjo
  • Dropdown - Fixed issue where value set using javascript DOM metadata would be cleared when a message or user addition triggered refresh #3879 #3622 Thanks @mdehoog
  • Form Validation / Dropdown - Using "enter" key in a search dropdown could cause a form to be submitted #3676
  • Form Validation - Fix issue with some foreign email addresses with extended charsets causing email validation to fail #3955 #3755
  • Form Validation - Revalidating a field on: blur could cause fields not yet interacted with to be validated #3606
  • Form - Fixed issue with (x) fields and equal width fields where middle rows would be slightly smaller because they include both left and right padding in % width. (Edges only have one side padding). Field groups now use negative margins instead.
  • Popup - Fixed issue where clicking element inside popup removed from DOM (like clicking a multi select label) would cause popup to close #3887
  • Rail - Fixed incorrect width for close rail and very close rail caused by variable addition with mixed units px + em #3835
  • Search - Fixed bug where a previously XHR query could cause the next one to fail depending on the latency of the request #2779
  • Search - Fixed an issue where onResult returning false would not prevent the search menu from hiding. Clicking on an empty results message will also no longer close the search results. #3856 #3870
  • Sticky/Visibility - Added mutation observer to teardown element with destroy if removed from DOM context, fixing a possible memory leak
  • Video - Fixed issue with .video('change') behavior not properly changing video.


  • API - Using onResponse with dataType other than JSON or JSONP would cause an error. (Not allowing plain text responses to be translated) #3653
  • Build Tools - Fixed gulp help text incorrect for RTL tasks in build tools #3858
  • Button - right icon like right arrow icon would have additional margin inside an icon button #3525
  • Button - Fixed issue where disabled loading button would not remove pointer-events #2933
  • Button - Fixed typo in green inverted button #3873
  • Button/Dropdown - Button dropdowns using default text no longer receive incorrect font styling for placeholder text
  • Checkbox - Fixed issue where docs refer to onEnable and onDisable with checkbox but callback was called onEnabled and onDisabled, both callbacks will now be valid until 3.0 #3761 #3763
  • Checkbox - Radio buttons received indeterminate styles when user has not yet interacted with the page in Chrome
  • Dropdown - apiSettings was not defaulting to use cache: 'local' as specified in the docs
  • Dropdown - get value would not return correct value when value was blank #3766
  • Dropdown - Added 1px offset for current text so that the blinking text position cursor does not overlap first pixel of underlayed text.
  • Dropdown - Dropdown would open when an label delete x was clicked when not using search selection #3789
  • Dropdown - Dropdowns no longer re-open on selection when nested inside of a <label> #3917
  • Dropdown - Dropdowns with sub-menus would not properly activate on mobile #3183
  • Dropdown - Fixed bug where using action: 'hide' could cause text value not to be passed to onChange callback
  • Dropdown - Fixed issue where values with " (double quotes) would not work with a dropdown using a select, because value would not be encoded as html entities
  • Dropdown - Long dropdown text entry with allowAdditions would cause input to mistakingly drop to next line early #3743
  • Dropdown - Regenerated dropdown will no longer ignore disabled property #4010 Thanks @eymengunay!
  • Dropdown - Search selection would lose search input focus when clicking on a choice #3790
  • Embed - API setting is now disabled by default
  • Form Validation - Fixed issue where initializing form multiple times would not properly call destroy removing previous settings #3798
  • Form - Fix equal width fields sometimes not including right field spacing on mobile #3913
  • Form - Fixed issue where inline field was not being correctly inverted in color with inverted form #4004 #4005 Thanks @tbracken
  • Form - Grouped fields and field would cause different margin collapse, making fields include larger gaps between content #3717
  • Form - Remove deprecated size() method in prompt #3655 Thanks @SimonArdrey
  • Grid - centered content would cause justified content to appear aligned left. #3496
  • Grid - Fixed issue where vertically divided grid would have top margin in first row group
  • Icon - Sizes smaller tham small were using with rem #3782
  • Input - Fixed :active styles appearing on disabled input, when input is disabled using disabled property #3907
  • Input - Fixes issue with dropdown or button on the left side of an action input not properly rounding
  • Label - Fixed margin when right floated element precedes a top attached label
  • List - relaxed and very relaxed lists included unnecessary padding on the first and last items #3710
  • List - Bullets would be affected by font weight, or whether the list item was a link #3715 #3721
  • List - Divided lists had unnecessary padding on first and last items, in both horizontal and vertical layouts #3710
  • Menu - stackable menu with left/right menu or item would incorrectly be floated when stacked. #3604
  • Menu - tabular menu now has correct bottom margin #4167
  • Menu - @dividerSize was not being used in vertical menu #3781
  • Menu - vertical text menu no longer includes left or right padding, but will now sit flush with content.
  • Message - Fixes compact message appearing as block when inside a form #3343 Thanks @bcroq
  • Modal - RGB values set for dimmer background-color were not being correctly interpreted #3665 Thanks @larsbo
  • Modal/Dimmer - Fixed issue with destroy not properly removing events from dimmer #3200
  • Popup - checking instanceof SVGGraphicsElement caused error in IE11 #3043
  • Progress - Progress onSuccess, onError, and onWarning callbacks now occur after the animation completes for the state change.
  • Rating - Fixed ui rating to not used outlined star in basic variation, instead using a lighter filled in star for increased visibility #3730
  • Rating - rating does not fire onRate when rating is initialized #3712
  • Search - Added refresh behavior for search to refresh selector cache. Cache will automatically refresh after API results received
  • Search - Fixed issue where href was not pulling correctly on search click when the result was an a itself. #3409
  • Segment - Fixed segments to not clip border radius when only a single segment is included
  • Segment/Message - top attached message has no border when attached to segment #3619
  • Statistic - statistic receives incorrect size when using tiny large etc inside a statistic group #3116
  • Step - Fix incorrect bottom margin on top attached steps
  • Table - striped selectable table would not correctly show hover color on striped rows
  • Visibility - Using type: fixed will now correctly remove all special classes and placeholder content on destroy #3548


  • Sizing - mini the smallest size has been modified to align to 11px instead of previous 10px at base em size


  • Progress - Added new examples to progress
  • Progress - Added all available behaviors with progress
  • Form - Added example of using custom rules with form
  • Build Tools - Added explanation of using SUI with CI, and auto-install in "recipes" section.
  • Build Tools - Added explanation of how to build RTL in "recipes" section
  • Layouts - Added "attached" example showing content attached to other content

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