npm semantic-ui 2.1.7
Version 2.1.7 - Dec 19, 2015

latest releases: 2.4.2, 2.4.1, 2.4.0...
6 years ago

Closed Issues List


  • API - All responses fulfilled with settings (like mockResponse) will now receive a settings object with all values resolved. For example url will be /user/2/ and not user/{id} in the callback. - #3466
  • API - API now allows the use of settings response and responseAsync to replace mockResponse and mockResponseAsync. The use of "mock" may not represent the most common use case which is providing a response from a third party source. (These changes are purely cosmetic and no underlying behavior has changed) - #3491
  • Popup - Adds onUnplaceable callback when element cannot be placee inside visible viewport #3388

Bug Fixes

  • Build Tools - CSS build will now correctly call callback after both packaged files are created (compressed and uncompressed) Thanks @youngjay #3405
  • Flag - A flag with no country set will no longer display an incorrect country flag. Thanks @space-alien #3333
  • Form - Fixed issue where text would turn transparent inside a loading form #3122
  • Menu - Fixed 1px offset when attached segment follows tabular menu (max of 2 consecutive segments) #3479
  • Header - sub header used inside a header now correctly forces block styling #3020
  • Popup - Fixed is visible, is animating, and is fluid to always return true/false and not the DOM element. #2781
  • Popup - Fixed issue with onEnable callback being defined with name onEnabled and onDisable with onDisabled in default settings, causing an error. To preserve backwards compatibility, the mispelled callback name has been left, but the bug has been fixed. #3148
  • Search - Search now correctly hides menu when an error message inside results is clicked. #3039
  • Sidebar - Fixed css rule issue causing very thin sidebar to not work #3300
  • Sidebar - Sidebar no longer includes transform rules on child elements, this was causing layout issues in some cases (for example dropdowns in sidebars) #3306
  • Sticky - Renames variables used to account for scroll offset internally for greater code clarity
  • Transition - Fixes noAnimation error to more reasonably announce that the element is "not in the DOM" #3040

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