npm semantic-ui 2.1.5
Version 2.1.5 - Nov 1, 2015

latest releases: 2.4.2, 2.4.1, 2.4.0...
7 years ago

Docs Enhancements

  • Examples - All code examples now have a "copy to clipboard" button Thanks @xiwc and @zenorocha for clipboard.js

Minor Enhancements

  • Form - Adds equal width form and equal width fields for simpler grouped fields
  • Modal - onHide callback can now cancel event by returning false #3168 Thanks @mdehoog
  • Dropdown - Added onLabelRemove callback that allows value removal to be cancelled by callback Thanks @goloveychuk
  • Table - Added selectable on table cell, allowing for full table-cell links
  • Popup Added three new variables for arrow background color based on position, top, center or bottom. This makes it easier to use gradient backgrounds with popups and still match arrow colors.
  • Popup - Added behaviors get popup and change content to more easily determine popup from activating element and change text

Major Bug Fixes

  • Checkbox/Dropdown/Search - Fixed issue where using .trigger('change') would not fire native change event. Only triggering event handlers attached with jQuery #3108
  • Transition - Fixed bug where static transitions (those that dont animate in/out of view) would not fire onComplete event
  • Sticky - Fixes bug where sticky would stick at incorrect times when using a different scroll container than body and scrollTop is not 0 on page load.


  • Divider/Step/Modal/AD - Fixes 1px jump at @mobileBreakpoint caused by incorrect edge conditions in media query #3180 THanks @mdehoog
  • Dimmer - Dimmer can now works correctly with opacity: 0 #3167 Thanks @mdehoog
  • Dropdown - Fixed condition where focusing on dropdown would show a blank menu when "no results" was reached and the dropdown was refocused
  • Dropdown - Search dropdowns will now correctly filter by current search term on re-focus
  • Dropdown - Fixed issue where tabindex was being removed incorrectly with selection dropdown in some cases. #3002
  • Dropdown - Added remoteValues as a possible field setting. Allowing users to return API results using arbitrary JSON object groupings. #3080
  • Dropdown - Added ability to pass in keys as a setting, to avoid issues with languages where comma delimiter may be a different keycode #3016
  • Dropdown - search dropdown will now initialize with autocomplete="off" to avoid triggering native autocomplete menu
  • Form Validation - Fixes error on blur or change when using a blank validation object #3131 Thanks @listepo
  • Form Validation - Fixes some issues with form integer validation #3053 Thanks @maturano
  • Form Validation - decimal rule now only matches decimals, to match any number use number rule. #3060
  • Form - Removed divider spacing as part of ui form, this caused inheritance issues when using special divider types #3092
  • Grid - Fixes attached segment 1px offset inside grid column #3226
  • Grid - Fixes some inconsistencies with widescreen only class #3161 Thanks @mdehoog
  • Header - Sub headers now force display: block #3020
  • Popup - Fixes positioning issue when movePopup: false #3213 Thanks @parisholley
  • Popup - Popup now works with svg elements #3043
  • *Progress - Calling reset will now reset value to 0, so increment starts again at 0
  • Search - Fixes onSearchQuery not firing when results are cached Thanks @mnquintana
  • Search - Fixes url parameter not working correctly due to typo in source Thanks @fabienb4
  • Segment - Fixes border on horizontal segment when they are :first-child inside segments group
    Docs Bugs
  • Thanks to everyone who has submitted PRs for typos, grammatical changes. These are too numerous to count, but really help improve the quality of our docs.
  • Progress - Progress example code no longer shows accidental inline css
  • Sticky - Fixed issue where pressing home/end button would cause sticky to break due to internal logic not allowing immediate jump from bottom attached to top attached, experienced most likely when pressing "home" or "end" key #3011

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