npm semantic-ui 2.1.4
Version 2.1.4 - Sep 13, 2015

latest releases: 2.4.2, 2.4.1, 2.4.0...
7 years ago

Critical Bugfixes

  • Build - Fixed issue where using a packaged theme without a site.variables would cause build to fail #3009 #3010


  • Form Validation - Form validation now supports a brand new shorthand which is simpler to specify #2579
// expands out using default prompts and identifier matching property label
    fields: {
      name     : 'empty',
      gender   : 'empty',
      username : 'empty',
      password : ['minLength[6]', 'empty'],
      skills   : ['minCount[2]', 'empty'],
      terms    : 'checked'
  • Form Validation - identifier and prompt are now optional for all form validation rules. Default prompt values have been added for all rule types, and identifier will now automatically match on the named value for rule if no ID is specified. #3001 #2579
  • Form Validation - All form prompts now support templates values, {value}, {name}, {ruleValue}, and {identifier} #3001


  • Dropdown - Fixed issue with ',' key not being allowed in dropdown due to user tagging shortcut key #3016
  • Message - ui list used inside ui message now aligns properly in all conditions #2958
  • Form Validation - Validation messages in error message group are now correctly removed when invalid field revalidates on blur
  • Label - Labels no longer force single line using word-wrap: nowrap #3006
  • Table - Fixed issue where (x) column segment table was inheriting accidentally inheriting some grid styles
  • Grid - Fixed middle aligned grid not applying to columns #2959
  • Menu - Fixed issue where right menu was not floating correctly inside a menu > container on mobile #2969
  • Button - Fixes right labeled icon button with a right named icon (for example right arrow) having incorrect margin on icon. #2973

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