npm semantic-ui 2.1.0
Version 2.1.0 - Sep 02, 2015

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7 years ago

New UI Features

  • API - Added encodeParameters option to enable/disable parameters being encoded with encodeURIComponent #2752
  • API Added new setting hideError, defaults to auto (will automatically hide error for elements that are not forms). #2586
  • Build Tools - Packaged .overrides file are now an optional include
  • Button - colored basic button are now colored before :hover in the default theme, this is more in line with common usage across other websites.
  • Button - Added labeled button variation for display a count next to a button.
  • Cards - Added documentation for stackable cards which was available but undocumented in previous versions.
  • Checkbox - Added 4 new callbacks beforeChecked, beforeUnchecked, beforeDeterminate, beforeIndeterminate. You can now cancel a state change by returning false from these callbacks.
  • Divider - Vertical divider can now be used multiple times in a single column row (not just 50/50 split). #2808
  • Dropdown - Dropdown using remote data, can now customize the property names returned by api call using fields (similar to search).
  • Dropdown - Dropdown will now automatically update selected values when hidden input value changes (so long as change event is triggered) #2626
  • Dropdown - Dropdown with user additions now will use custom templated messages to distinguish added choice from preselected choice #2923
  • Form Validation - Added credit card validation, supports array of card types, and international cards including non luhn cards like China UnionPay #2729
  • Form Validation - Updated appearance of form validation prompts to use a more lightweight style. Added variables for controlling error validation prompt styles in form.variables
  • Grid - Added new responsive reversed variations for reversing column order, these are also compatible with other grid types like divided and celled by device #2685
  • Icon - Added fitted icon variation, and new small sizes tiny and mini
  • Input - Added disabled state for inputs #2694
  • Input - Added ability for labeled input to be attached to both sides #2922 Thanks @maturano
  • Label - Added a new basic label style, works symbiotically with other label types to provide a more lightweight style label
  • Menu - Added new tabular menu types, right tabular, bottom tabular, added many new tabular menu variables for customizing
  • Menu - Appearance of labeled icon menu has been modified. Horizontal menus now have icons above text, and icons are slightly larger than before.
  • Search - Search now can use any server response mapping, use the fields parameter to pass in a mapping of server response to content thanks @anibalmf1 #2645
  • Site - Added global variable @focusedFormBorderColor for controlling form focus border color
  • Table - New fixed table variation added for use with table-layout: fixed;. This also supports "..." ellipsis when used with single line content

Additional Features

  • Breadcrumb - Breadcrumb no longer receives vertical spacing by default. This may often cause vertical alignment issues when displayed next to other inline-block content.
  • Dropdown - Added get default text and get placeholder text behaviors for returning text values.
  • Dropdown - Pointing dropdown (dropdown with arrows) now support upward, and will automatically move pointer arrows when appearing upward #2733
  • Form - inverted form now remove input border, added new variables for controlling inverted form input styles
  • GitHub Theme - Added github icon theme with port of Octicons.
  • Label - Added basic label variation, useful for item counts
  • Menu - inverted menu now support colored individual items Thanks @maturano #2850
  • Menu - text menu now uses padding for hitboxes to make target area for links larger

Community Added Features

  • Build Tools - gulp build now correctly calls callback, allowing those importing tasks to chain it correctly #2836 Thanks @artemkaint
  • Dropdown - Dropdown show and hide are now cancellable by returning false from onShow or onHide callbacks.
  • Flag - England flag alias is now correctly set #2770 Thanks @eduardom
  • Form Validation - Added number and decimal validations to form Thanks @TonnyORG #2537
  • Form Validation - Form onSuccess and onFailure now receive current form fields as a parameter Thanks @guodong
  • Popup - Popup will now look for inline popup as any next adjacent sibling #2772 Thanks @malacalypse


Reported Bugs

  • Accordion - Added missing notation for accordion docs #2812
  • Build Tools - Fixed bug where gulp version would show x.x [#2875 #2920
  • Build Tools - Fixes issue where component glob {tab, table} caused table to be included twice in concatenated source **
  • Button - Fixes inverted button missing an active and active focus state #2635
  • Button - Fixes issue where basic button would not have focus color text when colored #2264
  • Checkbox - Clicking a link inside an initialized checkbox label will now work correctly, and will not toggle the checkbox. #2804
  • Container - Fix issue with fluid container being 100% + gutter at mobile resolution (causing overflow)
  • Dropdown - forceSelection no longer sets current value in search selection when current query is blank #2058
  • Dropdown - Dropdown @arrowSize will now automatically reposition itself if size is changed with variable
  • Dropdown - Dropdown arrow now has a variable @dropdownArrowSize, and is slightly smaller than previously
  • Dropdown - Fix left menu inside ui menu appearing horizontally #2778
  • Dropdown - Fixed error where menu would disappear when entering spaced words using allowAdditions: true caused by value matching its own whitespace-trimed value #2853
  • Dropdown - Fixed issue where "no results" message would be still be visible before search query on input focus #2824
  • Dropdown - Fixed issue where onChange would not fire when using action: 'hide'. #2818
  • Dropdown - Fixed issue where selected item would not be shown when being re-shown after filtering with single search selection #2824
  • Dropdown - Fixes issues with setting "" (empty quote) values when placeholder: false is used. Fixes issues with using clear and restore defaults without placeholders. #2637
  • Dropdown - Remove use of trim which causes issues IE 11 and below #2806
  • Embed - Remove accidental console.log statements in js #2760
  • Form / Input - Fixes ::placeholder text color for ui error input, modifies form error placeholder color to distinguish from form value error color #2786
  • Form / Input - Fixes issue where ui input would sometimes collapse to 0px width, especially when used inside an inline field [#2705 [#2621 #2821
  • Form - disabled field(s) now remove pointer-events allowing it to disable checkbox and dropdown functionality #555
  • Form - Date input and other special input in chrome now are the same height as normal input (adds custom vendor shadow dom styling) #2704
  • Form - Form will no longer show messages that are empty in error, warning, or success state.
  • Grid - Fixed issue where relaxed stackable grid would have incorrect margin on mobile width
  • Grid - Fixed issue where nested stackable grid would have incorrect margin on mobile.
  • Header - Fixed attached header to have the correct bottom border on top attached and attached variations. #2798
  • Icon - Fixed typo in cube icon alias caused by bad grep #2765
  • Input - Fixed issue with appearance of left corner labeled left icon input #2782
  • Item - Fixed bottom aligned not working in item due to incorrect flex value #2826
  • List - Lists can now be right floated or left floated
  • Menu - Fixed (x) column nested grid with alignment stacking vertically (wrong flex-direction) #2810
  • Menu - Sub menus now work correctly and are correctly spaced inside secondary menu and text menu` #2862
  • Modal - Fix autofocus setting in modal not working due to improper selector #2737
  • Modal - Increased close specificity, modal will now only close on > .close #2736
  • Popup - Fixes issue where variation would not be added to a pre-existing popup even if specified in javascript #26011
  • Search - Calling .search('show results') no longer fails when input is not focused #2842
  • Table/Label - ribbon labels will now automatically position themselves when used inside a table #1930
  • Transition - Transition callbacks now all have the correct this set. #2758

Community Bug Fixes

  • API - API debug is now false by default, like other modules. #2817
  • Build Tools - Removed octal literals from install scripts (for color escaping), and uses of future ECMAScript reserved words [#2838 #2839 Thanks @artemkaint
  • Dropdown - Fixed issue where label could not be removed when using a numeric value due to mismatched types [#2754 #2755 Thanks @dgurkaynak
  • Menu - Fixes tabular menu missing variable for background. Thanks @frontdevde
  • Step - Fixed issue with display of step groups with only one step having incorrect border radius Thanks @elliotisonfire #2869
  • Sticky - Sticky now sets width and height with !important to avoid inheritance issues in some cases Thanks @lauri-elevant #2710
  • Tab - Fixed issue where simple path would be tested before full path, i.e. first/ vs /second/first/ causing tab to not open in some cases Thanks @habibutsu #2843

Additional Bugs

  • API - API now will use automatically use form action if no api event is specified now when form is stateContext but not intialized element
  • Build Tools - Fixes issue on win platform where packaged theme would not correctly update when using watch due to regExp not matching windows path separators.
  • Dropdown - Dropdown will no longer fire native onchange event on hidden input when setting value during initial load (unless fireOnInit: true) #2795 Thanks @lauri-elevant
  • Dropdown - Fixed issue where forceSelection would not occur when pageLostFocus (clicked into another tab and back)
  • Dropdown - Fixed issue where using the specific value value="false" would cause an option to not be removable from a multiple select
  • Dropdown - When useLabels: false placeholder text will now show up when 0 items selected, instead of the text "0 items selected"
  • Dropdown/Tab - Fixed an instance where metadata was not referencing settings metadata value
  • Form Validation - Fixed issue with get value(s) where unchecked checkboxes would not correctly retrieve values
  • Form - Dropdown in inline field now use auto width instead of 100%
  • Grid / Container - ui relaxed grid container and ui very relaxed grid container will now all render at same container width
  • Grid - Fixed stackable celled grid having doubled border width between rows
  • Header - Fixed issue with em sizing of chubby and bookish header themes appearing too large
  • Icons - Fixed issue where active icon or emphasized icon would not adjust opacity inside menus
  • Input - labeled input now keeps border on label edge so that focus color appears correctly
  • Input - Input now will reset font-weight and font-style if set on parent;
  • Input action input and labeled input now have focused border on inner edge with label/button
  • Label - pointing and attached labels are now word order sensitive to allow them to work correctly with other directional variations.
  • Label - pointint label now rounds to exact pixel em value, should align correctly in more cases
  • Menu - @pressedItemColor has been renamed to @pressedItemTextColor to match naming conventions of other variables
  • Menu - Added flex: 0 0 auto to menu item to make sure menu do not collapse text content to reduce space
  • Menu - Fix text align on dropdown item inside icon menu
  • Menu - Fixed hybrid initialization not creating menu correctly. Fixed docs example of hybrid <select> initialization
  • Menu - Fixed issue with labeled input text inside menu not appearing vertically centered
  • Popup - Fixed onRemove firing even when popup is not removed
  • Reveal - Reveal now uses display: inherit instead of forcing inline-block

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