npm semantic-ui 2.0.4
Version 2.0.4 - July 17, 2015

latest releases: 2.4.2, 2.4.1, 2.4.0...
7 years ago

Reported Bugs

  • Build Tools - Fixed issue where sub tasks were undefined when importing SUI's build and watch tasks into custom gulpfile #2648
  • Button - Fixed fluid buttons not working correctly with <button> due to button tags not supporting flex rules. #2617
  • Button - Fixed colored vertical basic buttons appearing 2px offset #2655
  • Checkbox - Checkbox now focus after click, allowing for tab navigation from current position #2610
  • Checkbox - Fixed checkbox not using javascript having incorrect colors on focus #2607
  • Dropdown - Fixed search selection appearing incorrectly inside menu (default text would not disappear) #2624
  • Form - Added doesntContain and doesntContainExactly #2638
  • Form - Fixed issue with minLength[1] validation not behaving same as minLength > 2 #2636.
  • Form - Fixes errors when a field identifier is named identifier #2629
  • Form - Form fields will now error when a non-string identifier is used
  • Formatting - Fixed several source files that had CR LF (Windows) line endings #2649
  • Input - Fixed left action input displaying with incorrect input border radius inside ui form #2638
  • Modal - Modal action now uses a more specific selector to prevent modifying comment action
  • Popup - fluid popup with setFluidWidth: true (default value), will now use parent width and not offsetContext width #2526
  • Popup - Fixed issues where rounding could cause elements that are against edge of page from not appearing. Add new jitter setting for allowing popups to escape page boundaries by a small margin #2526
  • Segment - Added additional variables for inverted segment.
  • *Segment - horizontal segments in IE will no longer stretch to the natural width of child imgs #2550 flexbug [#1](h
  • Sidebar - right, top, and bottom sidebar will not have their direction removed on destroy #2644
  • Sticky - Fixed sticky element that cannot fit in viewport not scrolling correctly when fixed to viewport #2605
  • Transition - Fixed issue where animating same element in its own onComplete would fail because animation had not yet called force visible/hidden #2583
  • Visibility - refreshOnResize now correctly includes a default value #2615
  • Menu/Segment/Table - Consolidated attached logic for all components using attached. #2599

Additional Bugs

  • Checkbox - Fixed space shortcut causing checkbox to trigger twice
  • Checkbox - Updated colored theme to add new focus color variables.
  • Popup - wide and very wide popup will now limit themselves to normal popup widths on mobile so that they still appear on screen.
  • Message - Fixes attached icon message not using flex
  • Sticky - Fixed sticky content jumping from fixed to bount bottom when scroll position has surpassed bottom of container during page refresh.
  • Sticky - Sticky no longer uses bottomPadding to determine bottom edge of container.
  • Steps - Updated basic steps theme to appear correctly


  • Fixed theme previews appearing incorrectly in all UI in docs. Regex parsing .variable files would ignore first variable after a comment.
  • Added individual examples of all form validation rules
  • Partial rewrite of sidebar documentation
  • Added attached examples to examples/
  • Updated example in theme guide to include checkbox focus colors

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