npm semantic-ui 2.0.3
Version 2.0.3 - July 8, 2015

latest releases: 2.4.2, 2.4.1, 2.4.0...
7 years ago

Docs Updates

  • Examples - Source code examples have been greatly improved. Required class names for each example will be highlighted in yellow. Other UI elements used in examples will now link out to their definition pages.

Reported Bugs

  • Checkbox - Checkbox initialized with JS and with for/id matching would cause toggle to occur twice on click (making it seem as if nothing was updated) thanks @malacalypse #2572
  • Divider/Grid - vertical divider no longer has inexplicable right border when stacked on mobile #2558
  • Dropdown - Dropdown using <select> and apiSettings will now correctly add new <option> value when selections are made #2573
  • Icon - black icon have been added back as a color option #2556
  • Icon - Adds missing square and square outline icon #2532
  • Input - Fixed errored input field having incorrect border radius with labeled input
  • Modal - Modal that is larger than page height will now correctly reset body height on remove #2576
  • Popup - Popup preserve setting (which preserves popup in DOM to avoid regenerating on each show/hide) was set to true by default causing generated popups to remain in DOM. #1369
  • Steps - Fixed github theme for steps not displaying correctly in 2.0 #2545
  • Steps - Last step no longer incorrectly shows arrow #2552
  • Transition - Fixes get current animation erroring when module cache is cleared. #2469

Additional Bugs

  • Form - URL regexp will now match now works correctly, and matches against non http:// prefixed urls like

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