npm semantic-ui 2.0.1
Version 2.0.1 - July 6, 2015

latest releases: 2.4.2, 2.4.1, 2.4.0...
7 years ago

Reported Bugs

  • Label - Attached labels now use a border-radius for corner-edges that matches more closely #2500
  • Label - Fixes incorrect label sizing for large and bigger sizes #2486
  • Segment - Fixed incorrect margin set on attached segment #2503
  • Card - centered cards variation now works similar to centered card. #2520
  • Checkbox - Fixed issue in chrome where radio checkbox would appear incorrectly when no default value was selected #2505
  • Dropdown - Fixed transparent tap color not being set correctly. Removed toggle behavior from touch events on multiple dropdown. #2524
  • Checkbox - Fixed issue where radio checkbox were not properly receiving checked class #2506
  • Tab - Tab now correctly obeys cache setting. Removed use of API's local caching by default. #2493
  • Form - reset will no longer clear values if no default value is found #2504

Additional Bugs

  • Dimmer - Dimmer now removes variations like blurring and inverted when destroy is called.
  • Dropdown - restore defaults in dropdown when used with multiple will now correctly clear other values selected that were not there on page load.
  • Dropdown - Removes accidental console.log statement in dropdown
  • Menu - Fixed pointing menu arrow color slightly off
  • Progress - Progress included debug: true by default. This has been now correctly set to false
  • Modal - scrolling modal now correctly inherits rules so that it appears at top of screen on mobile
  • Menu - Inverted menu no longer includes a 1px transparent border.
  • Menu - Fixes compact vertical menu using flex style incorrectly
  • Menu - Fixes border-top not appearing on bottom fixed menu
  • Tab - Fixed bug where remote loaded tab content would not show loading tab on first load.


  • Form - Clarified usage for reset in form docs #2504
  • Docs - 1.0 docs are now available at Link in footer has been fixed.
  • Image - Fixed mini image having wrong pixel size in docs #2521
  • Image - Added docs for missing fluid image variation
  • Modal - Removed legacy JS animation settings still accidentally in docs
  • Tab - Added new examples for evaluateScripts and HTML5 state tabs

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