npm semantic-ui 1.8.0
Version 1.8.0 - January 23, 2015

latest releases: 2.4.2, 2.4.1, 2.4.0...
7 years ago

Key Features

  • Form - Form now has new methods reset, clear, set value(s), and read value(s) for modifying and reading form data. Check docs for details on implementation. Thanks @MKTM
  • Search - Search onSelect now recieves JSON object matching currently selected element, you can now programmatically retrieve result JSON using .search('get result', 'query') or .search('get results'). get result will default to current value unless specified as first parameter.
  • Transition - Added many new transitions, and new directions for existing transitions Thanks @ph7vc
  • Dropdown - Dropdown now stores placeholder text (prompt text) as separate from default text (text set on page load). You can now reset placeholder conditions using `$('.ui.dropdown').dropdown('clear');``


  • API - Added new behavior $.api('abort') which cancels current request
  • Dropdown - Keyboard navigation will now allow opening of sub menus with right/left arrow. Enter will open sub-menus on an unselectable category (allowCategorySelection: false) as well.
  • Dropdown - Mutation observers will now observe changed in <select> values after initialization, and will automatically update dropdown menu when changed
  • Dropdown - Dropdown behavior set selected will now also call set value automatically, so you do not have to invoke two behaviors to update a selection dropdown Thanks @MKTM
  • Form - Form will now prevent browsers from resubmitting form repeatedly when keydown is pressed on input field.
  • Header - Content headers now inherit @h1-h6 sizes from site.variables
  • Header - Sub headers now adjust in size depending on header size, added new variables for subheader resizing
  • Search - Greatly reduced search delay from 300ms to 100ms. Previous request will automatically abort xhr when new request made
  • Search - Search onSelect and onResultsAdd can now cancel default actions by returning false.
  • Transition - Transition duration now defaults to what is specified in css, to set custom duration you can still pass at run-time as a different value. Animation duration no longer set by default during animation.
  • Transition - Transition will now prevent repeated animations when using an inferred direction i.e. animation without in or out specified. When queue: true only animations with explicit direction, e.g. fade in, will be ignored when called repeatedly.


  • API - Fixed bug where $.api('get xhr') was not correctly returning xhr promise
  • API - Fixed bug where API would query resource immediately when specifying on: false
  • Button - ``ui vertical basic buttons` now have dividers in default theme
  • Button - Fixes formatting for disabled button inside ui buttons
  • Checkbox - Checkbox now only modifies input[type="radio"] and input[type="checkbox"] ignoring any other inputs
  • Dropdown - Dropdown no longer will not show menu when no item are present in menu. Dropdown will now only filter results for ui search dropdown #1632 Thanks PSyton.
  • Dropdown - Dropdown will now produce an error if behaviors on an initialized <select> are not invoked on ui dropdown
  • Dropdown - Fixed bug where link items would not open in sub-menus due to event.preventDefault
  • Label - Fixed ui corner label appearing on-top of ui dropdown menu due to issue in z-index heirarchy
  • Label - Fixed issue with ui ribbon label not positioning itself correctly when using sizes like small or large
  • List - relaxed list and very relaxed list no longer add padding to child menu items
  • Popup - Popup will now only use a max of one element when settings.popup mistakingly passes multiple DOM elements
  • Popup - Popups will now by default appear over all UI content, even dimmers.
  • Search - Search results no longer hide/show when user changes tab or page loses focus
  • Sidebar - Fixed bug with pusher inheriting first child margins due to margin-collapse
  • Sidebar - Mobile is mobile was using RegExp test() which would return an incorrect value when called multiple times
  • Sidebar - Sidebar will now only close if you click on pusher or underlayed body (scale out). Clicking on fixed elements will not close sidebar.
  • Transition - Fixed bug with animations that contain the strings 'in' or 'out' as part of their names, for example "swing"
  • Sticky - Fixes issue with container size not being set explicitly on rail due to improper method renaming

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