npm semantic-ui 1.7.0
Version 1.7.0 - January 14, 2015

latest releases: 2.4.2, 2.4.1, 2.4.0...
7 years ago

Major Changes

  • Project - Right-to-left (RTL) support added. New gulp tasks for RTL file generation and install setting. Docs however do not yet support RTL.Thanks @MohammadYounes for constant support with RTL!.
  • Project - Install now let you specify the outputted file permissions (express/custom install)

Enhancements / Changes

  • Grid - Added equal width variation using flex-box, equal height now also uses flex-box (this may have to be removed if causes unexpected browser issues)
  • Sidebar - Having a sidebar visible on page load is now much simpler. You can include ui visible sidebar on page load to have a sidebar element appear on page load. To close call $('.ui.sidebar').sidebar('hide')
  • Sidebar - Added documentation on using sidebar on a custom context. Sidebars using a custom context no longer add background colors like those initialized on body
  • Site - Form input highlighting color added (helps differentiate form colors with autocompleted fields). Default text highlighting color moved from highlighter yellow to a mellow blue.
  • Dropdown - Javascript Dropdown can now be disabled by adding ``disabledclass. No need to calldestroy`. Thanks Psyton
  • Dropdown - Search dropdown input can now have backgrounds. Fixes issues with autocompleted search dropdowns which have forced yellow "autocompleted" bg.
  • Dropdown - Fix issue with search selection not correctly matching when values are not strings
  • Progress - Progress bars can now display percent or amount left using {value} in text templates
  • Dropdown - New upward dropdown variation, which opens its menu upward. Default animation now uses ``settings.transition = 'auto'` and determines direction of animation based on menu direction
  • Dropdown - Dropdown matching fields without values now trims whitespace by default
  • Checkbox - Checkbox now toggles on spacebar when focused (previously only toggled on enter key).
  • Popup - Popup now uses its own custom method for determining offsetParent meaning 3D contexts (like inside an animation) no longer should break positioning
  • Popup - Popup now uses preserve: false by default, this is slightly less performant but will reduce page clutter caused by leaving generated elements in the DOM

Code / Build

  • Build - Dist/ files now set file permissions in build. 644 by default. Can adjust in semantic.json or during gulp install. You will need to run npm install to add the new gulp-chmod dependency Thanks @PeterDaveHello
  • Sidebar - setup layout not occurs synchronously if you initialize a sidebar without the proper html. This makes sure calls to sidebar will occur correctly before the page is setup. A new setting delaySetup will override this, increasing performance.
  • Modules - Remove use of deprecated .size() for .length across all modules
  • Modules - Use of $.proxy swapped to native for performance gains across all modules


  • Video - Video component now uses // instead of defaulting to http
  • Dropdown - restore defaults will now set placeholder styling and remove active elemenet. Added example in docs.
  • Dropdown - Fixed bug where sub menus may sometimes have dropdown icon overlap text
  • Dropdown - Fixes dropdown search input from filtering text values when input is inside menu, i.e "In-Menu Search"
  • Dropdown - Fix issue with search selection not correctly creating RegExp when select values are not strings Thanks @alufers
  • Dropdown - Fix issue with left floated and right floated content sometimes not applying correctly
  • Popup - wide and very wide popup will now appear when screen size is below their max-width
  • Popup - Popup no longer blurs element on popup hide
  • Segment - ui tabular menu now correctly aligns with attached segment when using fluid variation Thanks @MohammadYounes
  • Segment - basic segment no longer removes padding on first and last elements
  • Steps - Steps now use table-cell to allow steps to be equal height by default, even with different content height.
  • Button - Fix issue with labeled icon groups in material theme
  • Progress - Fixes bug with progress that use total and value receiving the wrong values for text templates
  • List - Fix some styling issues with ui list inside ui menu

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