npm semantic-ui 1.6.0
Version 1.6.0 - January 05, 2015

latest releases: 2.4.2, 2.4.1, 2.4.0...
7 years ago

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  • Dist - Build will now output version number in comment banner

Updates / Enhancements

  • Accordion - Child element animations now use $.fn.transition and css animations by default (if available)
  • Accordion - Added animateChildren option to disable/enable opacity animation on child elements
  • Accordion - Accordion now uses `easeOutQuintinstead ofeaseInOutQuint`` to increase perceived responsiveness of drawers
  • Grid - stackable grid now only adds horizontal padding when using stackable page grid, otherwise content will take up full width of parent element


  • Tab/Segment - Fixes first tab being 1pixel taller than all other tabs
  • Popup - Fix issue with ui popup receiving error $offsetParent is undefined when using a pre-defined popup
  • Popup - Fix issue with ui popup not appearing withui flowing popupdue to newly added`min-width: max-content``
  • Form - ui search dropdown inside a form has incorrect focus style
  • Menu - Fixes ui fluid labeled icon menu to not have min-width

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