npm semantic-ui 1.5.0
Version 1.5.0 - December 30, 2014

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7 years ago

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Critical Bugs

  • Build Tools 1.4.0 introduced a bug with concatenated uncompressed dist/ release including minified code. This would occur only when no components were specified in installer or semantic.json.


  • Dropdown - New setting allowCategorySelection lets menu items with sub menus be selected. Added example in docs.
  • Reset - Reset now inherits box-sizing from html tag
  • Label - ui ribbon label can now appear on the right side of content when specifying ui right ribbon label
  • Checkbox - Checkboxes now can handle labels with multiple lines of text
  • Progress - Progress bars now display all intermediary percentage values when animating. Improved performance when progress bar is rapidly updated.
  • Popup - Popup now uses the new property min-width: max-content to allow for better display with inline in some circumstances where it escapes parent element.
  • Table - Table now has coupling with image to make sure size is preserved correctly with table sizing when used inside a table cell.
  • Menu - ui fixed menu now defaults to ui top fixed menu


  • Form - Fixed (x) wide field not having correct bottom field margin when in fields group on tablet or mobile
  • Tab - Calls to global $.tab() would not pass arguments correctly
  • Dropdown/Search - Fixed issues with ui search and ui search dropdown using RegExp test which advances pointer on match causing results to display incorrectly
  • Form - ui input now receives the same formatting as a normal input inside an inline field
  • Grid - Fix display of equal height stackable grid. Add padding to divided stackable grid for dividers
  • Input - Fixed bug when ui action input uses a ui icon button, button was receiving i.icon formatting.
  • List - Fixed bug when using ui icon button or ui icon header causing element to receive icon formatting
  • Grid - Fixed issues where negative margins on ui stackable grid could cause horizontal scroll bars on mobile
  • Popup - Popup destroy will now also destroy any unfired timers (show/hide delay)
  • Popup - Popup now moves to the same offset context to avoid positioning errors when using a named pre-existing popup.

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