npm semantic-ui 1.3.0
Version 1.3.0 - December 17, 2014

latest releases: 2.4.2, 2.4.1, 2.4.0...
7 years ago

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Critical Bugs

  • Build Tools - Fixed issue with theme.config causing gulp watch to throw an error


  • Dropdown - Dropdown can now specify which direction a menu should appear left/right, dropdown icons can also appear on the left
  • Dropdown - Full text search now defaults to false, meaning search terms will return only results beginning with letters
  • Dropdown - Search Dropdown is now much more responsive, js improvements and input throttling added.Throttling defaults to 50ms and can be modified with settings
  • Dropdown - Search Dropdown now correctly replaces placeholder text when backspacing to empty value
  • Dropdown - Search Dropdown now has a callback when all results filtered onNoResults
  • Dropdown - Search dropdown will now strip html before searching values when searching html
  • Dropdown - Search now has keyboard shortcut to open dropdown on arrow down
  • Form - Form will no longer process validation rules on disabled fields
  • Label - Corner attached labels now display correctly inside of attached segments
  • Steps - Steps are now responsive for mobile by default, and have optional responsive styles for tablet
  • Table - Table has now variations to remove responsive stylings, specify responsiveness for tablet
  • Table - Table now has a structured table type, which removes some formatting considerations to support complex table layouts with colspan and rowspan


  • Button - Button "or" positioning variables have been adjusted to be automatically calculated without magic numbers
  • Dropdown - Dropdown now always scrolls to active element on menu open, calculates position with new loading class
  • Dropdown - Fix bug in position of sub menus with floating dropdown
  • Form - Fixed positioning of horizontal field groups, aka fields for mobile.
  • Grid - stackable grid now display correctly when nested inside a different stackable grid
  • Image - UI image now works with SVG
  • Modal - Fixed issue with modal losing scroll position on mobile
  • Modal/Dimmer - Fixed issues with modal hiding during showing and showing during hiding, fixed issues with "hiding other" modals while a modal is mid-animation.
  • Segment - Vertical segments now have padding on first/last element, fixing issues when using with grids
  • Sidebar - Mobile sidebars now only set overflow on page's html when browsing from iOS devices. Using overflow caused issues with page's scroll being lost when resizing a browser to mobile widths. This also affected modules that used `$(window).scrollTop()`` at mobile screen sizes
  • Step - Fix issue with completed ordered step icon alignment
  • Table - Fix responsive styles when applied to definition table.
  • All UI - Adds error message when triggering an invalid module behavior i.e. typos $('.dropdown').dropdown('hid');


  • Button - Add tabindex /keyboard nav documentation
  • Grid - Add another grid example
  • Updates to reflect all new changes to UI listed above

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