npm semantic-ui 1.2.0
Version 1.2.0 - December 08, 2014

latest releases: 2.4.2, 2.4.1, 2.4.0...
7 years ago

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  • Form - Form validation now has parameter optional which will only validate a field against a set of rules if the user does not leave it blank Thanks DHNCarlos
  • Fonts - Add font subset variable for site.variables Thanks gabormeszoly
  • Modal - Default modal shadow now more subtle
  • Sidebar - Now has behaviors is open/closed that are aliases for is visible/hidden
  • Checkbox - JS Checkbox now handles several variations of html. Labels can be before inputs, after, or not included at all. This should work better with server side form generation.
  • Progress - Adds limitValues setting to adjust values outside of 0-100 automatically to within range, defaults to true


  • Grid - Fixes ui stackable grid sometimes not aligning correctly at mobile sizes with ui page grid
  • Progress - Fixes issues with setting progress to 0% not working as expected
  • Modal - Fixes issues with multiple modals sometimes not closing dimmers
  • Modal - When a second modal that is not scrolling is opened after a scrolling modal it no longer causes the first modal to not be scrollable
  • Modal - "Hammer" clicking multiple times on a hiding dimmer no longer causes animation issues
  • Sidebar - Fixes issue with multiple sidebars sometimes causing dimmer to close prematurely
  • Sidebar - Dimmer can now be clicked even before sidebar has finished showing to immediately close sidebar
  • Item/Card - Default link formatting inside element simplified to avoid adjusting other nested ui link styles
  • Dropdown - Fixes bug with dropdown converted from select that use <option values with capital letters not being selectable
  • Form - Fixes required checkbox asterisks formatting incorrect

*Docs / Build *

  • Fixed documenation on dropdown actions, field width specification, form validation types, and some odds & ends
  • Adds components to semantic.json.example
  • Theme.config.example now links to final site folder

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