npm semantic-ui 1.12.0
Version 1.12.0 - April 13, 2015

latest releases: 2.4.2, 2.4.1, 2.4.0...
7 years ago


  • Visibility - Adds updated visibility module from 2.x channel. Visibility will automatically refresh by default after images load on page refresh. Fixes issues with element positions after image loading.
  • Sticky - Adds sticky module from 2.x branch. Sticky elements now use pub/sub with drastically improved performance. Sticky elements that do not fit on page will now scroll at the same speed as the page is scrolled instead of slower.


  • Popup - Popup no longer produces a console error when it cannot find an adequate position in the browser viewport.


  • Build Tools - Fixes issue with component glob matching twice (causing build to include file twice) if duplicate values found in semantic.json component.
  • Input - Backports fix from 2.x for ui fluid input not appearing correctly.
  • Visibility - Fixed issue where precache behavior was missing from visibility causing image lazy loading to fail

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