npm semantic-ui 1.11.0
Version 1.11.0 - March 3, 2015

latest releases: 2.4.2, 2.4.1, 2.4.0...
7 years ago

New Components

  • Visibiliity - Attach callbacks to elements visibility conditions like top visible bottom visible, passing. Useful for things like: image lazy loading, infinite scroll content, and recording tracking metrics.

See the examples online for a demonstration.


  • Form - <select> now receive error formatting on form error Thanks @davialexandre
  • Transition - Added more reasonable default durations for each animation
  • Loader - inline loader now has a centered variation
  • Modal - Modal no longer hides and reshows dimmer when opening a modal with another modal open with exclusive: true
  • Popup - Added exclusive parameter to automatically close other popups on open
  • Transition - Added toggle behavior and docs for show and hide
  • Transition - transition now has stop, stop all, and clear queue for removing transitions, (undocumented method stop, and start renamed to enable and disable)
  • Dimmer - Add opacity setting to override css value. Add to docs several undocumented settings, like useCSS, and variation.
  • Icon - added @src variable to make it adjustable with themes that dont support all types like woff2


  • Dropdown - Fixes issue where dropdown would not open after restoring previus value on failed search dropdown search
  • Grid - Fixes specificity of grid column colors to not affect other elements with columns
  • Icon - Fix clockwise rotated icon causing clockwise icon to appear
  • Popup - Fix issue with popup not re-opening until another element gains focus on a mobile touchscreen
  • Modal - Fixed issue with modal not appearing when calling show during another modal hide
  • Popup - Popup will now fire onHidden when an element is hidden by opening a different popup
  • Popup - Fix popup not namespacing window events and unbinding on destroy Thanks @revov
  • Table - Fixes table on mobile sizes can surpass parent container width
  • Transition - Fixes swing out animations not working correctly
  • Transition - Fixed display state other than block not determined when using show and hide without an animation
  • Transition - Fix bug in remove looping causing next animation to use same duration
  • Segment - Fix first/last margins on ui segments
  • Search - Fix special characters not searching correctly with local search
  • Search - Fix a bug with onSelect returning null when minCharacters: 0
  • Search - Fix a bug with onSelect returningnull` when results retrieved from cached API query
  • Sticky - Fixed sticky position when page loads and content is below sticky content.
  • Sticky - Fix bottom attached position not adjusting for bottom padding on container element
  • Menu - Fix vertical pointing menu, sub menu arrow color
  • *Item * - img inside of ui item content now do not receive size formatting by default
  • Form - Added input[type="search"] styles to ui form


  • Transition - Adds examples of hide,show,toggle,stop,stop all, andclear queue`
  • Item - Significant rewrite of ui item documentation

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