npm semantic-ui 1.10.0
Version 1.10.0 - February 23, 2015

latest releases: 2.4.2, 2.4.1, 2.4.0...
7 years ago

New Features

  • Transition - Transitions now have interval to allow grouped elements to animate one by one with a delay between each animation. Grouped animations determine order based on transition direction to avoid reflows, or can manually be reversed by using reverse: true See Examples for more details.

Critical Fixes


  • Form Validation - Adds containsExactly, notExactly, isExactly case sensitive validation rules, make contains, not, is case insensitive.
  • Form Validation - contains rule is now case insensitive
  • Form Validation - Validation messages no longer increase field height on inline fields like checkboxes after error appears
  • API - Added was cancelled to determine whether request was cancelled by beforeSend
  • *Image - Added hidden image state


  • Build Tools - Fixed issue with recursive merge for site themes in update scripts, details here Thanks @derekslife
  • Cards - Fix > .ui.card margins to match > .card margins
  • Cards - Fix consecutive card groups to preserve row flow (similar to consecutive grids)
  • Sidebar - Sidebar using exclusive: true now queue animations after hiding previous sidebar (unless overlay) to avoid rendering issues
  • State - Text states now handle cancelled API requests correctly
  • Search - Category search no longer displays unnecessary error message about maxResults
  • Composer - Composer.json should now read version from tags, adjusted some fields.
  • Grid - Stackable grid now has horizontal padding by default on mobile unless nested inside a ui grid or ui segment (not vertical)
  • Menu - Fixes pointing menu displaying under dropdown menu

-Transition - useFailSafe was incorrectly shown as false by default

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