npm semantic-ui 1.1.0
Version 1.1.0 - December 02, 2014

latest releases: 2.4.2, 2.4.1, 2.4.0...
7 years ago


  • Transition - Transition's caching of final display state and animation existence now has improved performance.
  • Popup - Popup now has a settings.prefer that defaults to adjacent. This setting sets prefered next placement when a popup cannot fit on screen in the chosen placement. prefer can also be set to opposite to prefer the same position on the opposite side
  • Popup - Popup can now use a setting lastResort. When set to a position it will be used as a last resort even if popup does not entirely fit on the page. Setting this to false will produce an error when a popup cannot fit on screen.
  • Transition now has useFailSafe parameter (off by default) to ensure transition callback fires even if native onAnimationEnd event does not fire due to element visibility. Chromium Bug Report by Product Manager @ Mozilla and this open issue
  • All UI - Many em measurements adjusted slightly to calculate out as exact pixel values (Fixes 1px rounding errors)
  • Steps - Now use global border color
  • Progress - Progress now has sizing variations
  • Input - transparent input can now be inverted
  • Dropdown - Dropdown onChange callback now fires when calling setSelected programatically.


  • Build Tools - NPM now correctly pins dependencies instead of using bleeding-edge versions which may break builds
  • Transition - Transition now correctly detects missing animations, errors do not cause future image transitions to break
  • Menu/Segment Fixes double border on pointing menu with attached segment Thanks davialexandre
  • Progress - Fixes indicating progress appearing incorrectly at 100% complete Thanks ordepdev
  • Icon - remove icon is now formatted correctly when used as remove link icon
  • Input - ui action input can now accomodate ui button that adjust padding from default
  • Dropdown - Fix action input used inside ui dropdown to appear correctly Thanks ordepdev


  • Progress - Added missing settings docs for progress module

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