npm rollup 2.3.0



  • Do not transpile config files with .mjs extension in Node 13+ or .cjs extension in any Node version and load them appropriately (#3445)
  • Extract helper to load a config file the way rollup does it via rollup/dist/loadConfigFile (#3445)

Bug Fixes

  • Keep watching the config file if an error occurs during initial load in watch node (#3445)
  • Add a helpful error message when using a transpiled config in a repository with "type": "module" (#3445)

Pull Requests

  • #3445: Support native ESM configs in Node 13, support untranspiled configs (@lukastaegert)
  • #3468: Don't use esm output format alias in the documentation (@vsn4ik)
latest releases: 2.40.0, 2.39.1, 2.39.0...
11 months ago