npm rollup 2.24.0



  • Allow defining interop per dependency via a function (#3710)
  • Support interop "auto" as a more compatible version of "true" (#3710)
  • Support interop "default" and "esModule" to avoid unnecessary interop helpers (#3710)
  • Support interop "defaultOnly" for simplified helpers and Node ESM interop compatible output (#3710)
  • Respect interop option for external dynamic imports (#3710)
  • Support live-bindings for external default imports in non-ES formats unless "externalLiveBindings" is "false" (#3710)
  • Use shared default interop helpers for AMD, UMD and IIFE formats (#3710)
  • Avoid unnecessarily deconflicted module variables in non-ES formats (#3710)
  • Freeze generated interop namespace objects (#3710)
  • Always mark interop helpers as pure (#3710)
  • Avoid default export interop if there is already an interop namespace object (#3710)
  • Sort all require statements to the top in CommonJS output for easier back-transpilation to ES modules by other tools (#3710)

Bug Fixes

  • Handle accessing super in static class fields (#3720)
  • Deconflict the names of helper variables introduced for interop (#3710)
  • Generate proper namespace objects for static namespace imports in non-ES formats (#3710)
  • Do not add unused interop helpers when using the renderDynamicImport hook (#3710)

Pull Requests

  • #3710: Rework interop handling (@lukastaegert)
  • #3720: Handle super in static class fields (@lukastaegert)
latest releases: 2.40.0, 2.39.1, 2.39.0...
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