npm rollup 2.17.0



  • When importing Rollup via package.exports, always fall back to the browser ESM build for non-Node environments (#3634)
  • Create more efficient code when handling namespace mutations (#3637)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a severe performance regression when the same module is imported by a lot of modules (#3641)
  • Properly escape special characters in imports (#3638)

Pull Requests

  • #3634: Set browser build in exports (@guybedford)
  • #3637: Do not include the whole namespace when illegally mutating a namespace (@lukastaegert)
  • #3638: Support backslash escaping, retain exact newline escaping (@guybedford)
  • #3641: Fix performance regression when a file is imported by many importers (@lukastaegert)
latest releases: 2.40.0, 2.39.1, 2.39.0...
8 months ago