npm rollup 1.32.1


Bug Fixes

  • Handle default export detection for AMD and IIFE externals that do not have a prototype (#3420)
  • Handle missing whitespace when the else branch of an if-statement is simplified (#3421)
  • Mention the importing module when reporting errors for missing named exports (#3401)
  • Add code to warning for missing of IIFE bundles (#3372)

Pull Requests

  • #3372: Add warning code for missing of IIFE bundle that has export (@rail44)
  • #3401: Missing exports errors now print the importing module (@timiyay)
  • #3418: Structure lifecycle hooks, add links to build time hooks (@lukastaegert)
  • #3420: Update generated code of getInteropBlock() to work with null prototype objects (@jdalton)
  • #3421: Avoid invalid code when "else" branch is simplified (@lukastaegert)
latest releases: 2.39.1, 2.39.0, 2.38.5...
11 months ago