npm rollup 1.25.0



  • Remove try-catch if there is no side-effect in the try-block (#3166)
  • Omit side-effect-free trailing cases in switch-statements (#3166)
  • Remove unused labels (#3170)

Bug Fixes

  • Do not remove code after labeled statements that contain a throw or return if the label is used (#3170)
  • Prevent invalid code when expressions are simplified that do not follow a white-space character (#3173)
  • Do not remove continue statements inside switch statements (#3166)
  • Prevent trailing empty lines when tree-shaking inside switch statements (#3166)

Pull Requests

  • #3166: Better try statement tree shaking (@lukastaegert)
  • #3170: Handle optional control flow in labeled statements, remove unused labels (@lukastaegert)
  • #3173: Add missing spaces in certain statements and expressions to avoid invalid code (@lukastaegert)
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16 months ago