npm rollup 1.20.0



  • Add augmentChunkHash plugin hook to be able to reflect changes in renderChunk in the chunk hash (#2921)

Bug Fixes

  • Do not mutate the acorn options object (#3051)
  • Make sure the order of emitted chunks always reflects the order in which they were emitted (#3055)
  • Do not hang when there are strings containing comment-like syntax in some scenarios (#3069)

Pull Requests

  • #2921: Add augmentChunkHash plugin hook (@isidrok)
  • #2995: Add info on installing locally to docs (@mesqueeb)
  • #3037: Refresh pull request labels (@shellscape)
  • #3048: Document ROLLUP_WATCH environment variable (@shellscape)
  • #3051: Avoid changes to the original options (.acorn) object (@LongTengDao)
  • #3052: Minor refactoring: Remove one try-catch (@KSXGitHub)
  • #3053: Refactor to use async-await in more places (@KSXGitHub)
  • #3055: Provide consistent chunking via a consistent order of entry modules when emitting chunks (@lukastaegert)
  • #3058: Remove acorn-bigint and acorn-dynamic-import from bundle (@LongTengDao)
  • #3061: Update to acorn@7 (@lukastaegert)
  • #3063: Auto-generate license file (@lukastaegert)
  • #3069: Prevent infinite loop when scanning for line-breaks and there are comment-like strings (@lukastaegert)
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