npm rollup 1.1.0



  • Make this.meta available from the options plugin hook (#2642)
  • Add a new writeBundle plugin hook that is called after all files have been written (#2643)

Bug Fixes

  • Make sure the acorn import of the bundled non-ESM acorn plugins is correctly translated to ESM (#2636)
  • Make sure input options are actually passed to the buildStart hook (#2642)

Pull Requests

  • #2636: Improve how acorn is imported, update dependencies (@lukastaegert)
  • #2642: Make this.meta available in options hook, pass input options to buildStart (@lukastaegert)
  • #2643: Implement writeBundle hook (@lukastaegert)
latest releases: 2.39.1, 2.39.0, 2.38.5...
2 years ago