npm rollup 0.68.0


Breaking Changes

  • optimizeChunks is renamed to experimentalOptimizeChunks to reflect this feature is not production-ready yet (#2575)


  • Plugins can iterate all module ids via this.moduleIds (#2565)
  • Plugins can get graph information about a module via this.getModuleInfo(id) (#2565)
  • Plugins and JS API users get more information about the generated chunks: dynamicImports, facadeModuleId, isDynamicEntry, name (#2575)
  • Tree-shaken dynamic imports will no longer create chunks or influence chunking in any way (#2575)
  • Dynamic imports will no longer follow the entryFileNames but the chunkFileNames property reflecting those are solely internally used (#2575)
  • If there are chunk naming conflicts, entry chunks will always take precedence (#2575)
  • If an entry facade is created, only the facade chunk is marked as isEntry (#2575)
  • Dynamic chunks will only be marked as isEntry if they are actually entry chunks as well; thus there is now a 1-to-1 correspondence between modules listed in input and chunks marked as isEntry (#2575)
  • Chunks no longer contain imports for variables that are tree-shaken in the chunk but used in other chunks (#2584)
  • Chunks will always import re-exported variables directly from the chunk where they are originally exported from (#2584)
  • Null characters will be pruned from chunk ids to allow for virtually created chunks and make rollup-plugin-multi-entry compatible with code-splitting and thus the upcoming 1.0 version (#2590)
  • Simplify the UMD wrapper code as much as possible, especially if there are no exports (#2594)
  • The UMD wrapper will now work in strict mode by checking for self before this when determining the global variable (#2594)

Bug Fixes

  • If a facade is created for a dynamic entry point, this facade will be imported instead of the facaded chunk (#2575)
  • Manual chunks that include multiple entry points will have proper facades created for all entry points if necessary (#2575)
  • If missing exports are shimmed, the shim variable will not be global but created on a per-module basis and is deconflicted with variables having the same name (#2584)
  • Missing export shims work properly in SystemJS (#2584)
  • preserveModules now handles dynamic namespace imports (#2584)
  • Fix chunk execution order in certain scenarios (#2584)
  • Exports and assignments using destructuring syntax will properly update the exported variables when generating SystemJS output (#2587)
  • Hashes in chunk names will now also take dynamic imports into account (#2596)

Pull Requests

  • #2565: Provide module graph information on the plugin context (@samccone)
  • #2575: Extend bundle information, tree-shake dynamic imports, fix dynamic import facade creation, support manual chunks with multiple entry points, make optimizeImports experimental (@lukastaegert)
  • #2577: Update dependencies (@lukastaegert)
  • #2584: Prune tree-shaken chunk imports, fix missing export shimming, support dynamic namespaces when preserving modules, improve chunk execution order (@lukastaegert)
  • #2587: Support exports using destructuring declarations and assignments in SystemJS (@lukastaegert)
  • #2590: Make sure chunk ids do not contain invalid characters to allow for chunks to correspond to virtual modules (@lukastaegert)
  • #2594: Simplify UMD wrapper code and make sure it works in strict mode (@lukastaegert)
  • #2596: Take both static and dynamic dependencies into account when calculating hashes (@lukastaegert)
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