npm rollbar 2.20.0


  • Capture local variables for Node.js
  • Enable reporting Content Security Policy (CSP) errors
  • Fix wait behavior in async Lambda handler
  • Fix scrubbing of objects that are referenced twice in the payload
  • Update tracer properties
  • Add safelist/blocklist config options and deprecate whitelist/blacklist
  • Update/fix assorted Typescript definitions

Pull requests

Add item and occurrence URL as tags to tracer,
Improve error callback handling,
Adds 'scrubPaths' to Configuration interface,
TypeScript allow undefined LogArgument,
Enable reporting for CSP errors,
Wait in async lambda handler,
Deprecate whitelist/blacklist in favor of safelist/blocklist,
Enable node.js stack locals capture,
Enable depth of traversal for node local vars,
Update type definition,
Scrub all occurrences of objects seen twice,

latest release: 2.21.0
one month ago