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16 months ago

This is an alpha release for Redux 5.0. This release has breaking changes.


ESM Migration

As part of the Redux Toolkit 2.0 alpha development work, we've migrated the redux core package definition to be a full {type: "module"} ESM package with an exports field (with CJS still included for compatibility purposes).

We've done local testing of the package, but we ask the community to try out this alpha in your own projects and report any breakages you find!

Build Artifact Modernization

We've updated the build output in several ways:

  • Build output is no longer transpiled! Instead we target modern JS syntax
  • Updated to the latest Rollup 3.x
  • Dropped the UMD build artifacts (if you have use cases for these, please let us know!)
  • Moved all build artifacts to live under ./dist/, instead of separate top-level folders

Ported Changes from 4.x

We've ported the @deprecated marker for createStore and added legacy_createStore from Redux 4.2.0. Please use Redux Toolkit's configureStore() instead, as well as the rest of Redux Toolkit's APIs.

The isMinified debug check has been removed.

Other Changes

The "valid reducer" check is done earlier to fix an edge case.

What's Changed

Full Changelog: v5.0.0-alpha.0...v5.0.0-alpha.1

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