npm redux 4.1.0-alpha.0

This pre-release for 4.1.0 shrinks our bundle size via tooling updates, and updates several error messages for clarity. This is all the changes we plan to have for 4.1, so if feedback looks good, we'll release 4.1.0 shortly.

Changelog Summary

The 4.1.0 release will have a more complete changelog, but summarizing:

  • Shrinks our bundle sizes by extracting error messages from production builds and replacing them with error codes (similar to React). Thanks to @andrewmcgivery for implementing this!
  • Inlines the symbol-observable polyfill
  • Drops the legacy loose-envify dependency
  • Externalizes the @babel/runtime helpers
  • Fixed a TS typedef to work better with TS 4.3

We've also updated the error messages to clarify what's happening, provide more details when runtime type checks fail, and link to relevant documentation.


  • Merge pull request #4058 from reduxjs/feature/4x-remove-legacy-deps 9a1d065e
  • Inline the symbol-observable polyfill 0d7d94d8
  • Remove symbol-observable and loose-envify deps b882d9af
  • Merge pull request #4057 from reduxjs/feature/4x-error-messages f3680b5b
  • Port error message updates from master 46f5c94d
  • Port error extraction setup from master 05d55057
  • Merge pull request #4056 from reduxjs/feature/4x-update-build-tooling 82ad6363
  • fix: Declare "EmptyObject" interface to wrap $CombinedState (#4031) c3cbe2e0
  • Only apply mapped types to un-branded types (#3805) e23aa592

latest release: 4.1.0
3 months ago