npm redlock 5.0.0-alpha.0

Hi folks! This major rewrite is finally looking the way I want. I still would like to add automated tests for compatibility with redis clusters, and more documentation would probably be helpful.

These changes essentially amount to a full rewrite, and include:

  • rewritten in TypeScript
  • dropped support for legacy APIs (callback, disposer)
  • introduction of new, more modern APIs (fixes #73)
  • removal of bluebird promises
  • improved error handling (fixes #43)
  • stats collection for better observability
  • choice of ioredis as the only redis library for testing
  • publication as an ES module
  • use of GitHub actions for CI

I just published a pre-release on NPM as 5.0.0-alpha.0 and plan on merging this to main shortly, so that fixes or improvements can be more easily made against it, as it progresses towards a full release. Any patches to the current version will be made in the v4 branch once this is merged.

Any help testing this and vetting the changes would be appreciated!

one month ago