npm react 18.2.0
18.2.0 (June 14, 2022)

latest releases: 0.0.0-experimental-c17a27ef4-20231127, 18.3.0-canary-c17a27ef4-20231127, 0.0.0-experimental-6c7b41da3-20231123...
17 months ago

React DOM

  • Provide a component stack as a second argument to onRecoverableError. (@gnoff in #24591)
  • Fix hydrating into document causing a blank page on mismatch. (@gnoff in #24523)
  • Fix false positive hydration errors with Suspense. (@gnoff in #24480 and @acdlite in #24532)
  • Fix ignored setState in Safari when adding an iframe. (@gaearon in #24459)

React DOM Server

  • Pass information about server errors to the client. (@salazarm and @gnoff in #24551 and #24591)
  • Allow to provide a reason when aborting the HTML stream. (@gnoff in #24680)
  • Eliminate extraneous text separators in the HTML where possible. (@gnoff in #24630)
  • Disallow complex children inside <title> elements to match the browser constraints. (@gnoff in #24679)
  • Fix buffering in some worker environments by explicitly setting highWaterMark to 0. (@jplhomer in #24641)

Server Components (Experimental)

  • Add support for useId() inside Server Components. (@gnoff) in #24172

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