npm react 18.1.0
18.1.0 (April 26, 2022)

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18.1.0 (April 26, 2022)

React DOM

  • Fix the false positive warning about react-dom/client when using UMD bundle. (@alireza-molaee in #24274)
  • Fix suppressHydrationWarning to work in production too. (@gaearon in #24271)
  • Fix componentWillUnmount firing twice inside of Suspense. (@acdlite in #24308)
  • Fix some transition updates being ignored. (@acdlite in #24353)
  • Fix useDeferredValue causing an infinite loop when passed an unmemoized value. (@acdlite in #24247)
  • Fix throttling of revealing Suspense fallbacks. (@sunderls in #24253)
  • Fix an inconsistency in whether the props object is the same between renders. (@acdlite in #24421)
  • Fix a missing warning about a setState loop in useEffect. (@gaearon in #24298)
  • Fix a spurious hydration error. (@gnoff in #24404)
  • Warn when calling setState in useInsertionEffect. (@gaearon in #24295)
  • Ensure the reason for hydration errors is always displayed. (@gaearon in #24276)

React DOM Server

  • Fix escaping for the bootstrapScriptContent contents. (@gnoff in #24385)
  • Significantly improve performance of renderToPipeableStream. (@gnoff in #24291)

ESLint Plugin: React Hooks

  • Fix false positive errors with a large number of branches. (@scyron6 in #24287)
  • Don't consider a known dependency stable when the variable is reassigned. (@afzalsayed96 in #24343)

Use Subscription

  • Replace the implementation with the use-sync-external-store shim. (@gaearon in #24289)

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