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5 years ago

2.1.4 (February 10, 2019)

v2.1.4 is a maintenance release that brings a number of awesome improvements. A few notable ones include:

  • πŸš€ Reduced TypeScript rebuild times while running the development server. TypeScript is now blazing fast! Special thanks to @deftomat and @johnnyreilly and the other contributors for their hard work on this. (#5903)
  • Jest type ahead support which provides a much nicer experience when filtering your tests using the Jest CLI (#5213)
  • And many more improvements!

πŸ› Bug Fix

πŸ’… Enhancement

πŸ“ Documentation

🏠 Internal

  • Other
  • react-scripts
  • react-dev-utils, react-scripts
  • babel-plugin-named-asset-import, react-scripts
  • react-dev-utils
  • babel-preset-react-app, react-app-polyfill, react-dev-utils, react-error-overlay, react-scripts

πŸ”¨ Underlying Tools

  • babel-preset-react-app, react-app-polyfill, react-dev-utils, react-scripts
  • babel-preset-react-app
  • eslint-config-react-app, react-scripts
    • #6132 Bump eslint-plugin-react version and update webpack config. (@ianschmitz)

Committers: 29

Migrating from 2.1.3 to 2.1.4

Inside any created project that has not been ejected, run:

npm install --save --save-exact react-scripts@2.1.4


yarn add --exact react-scripts@2.1.4

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