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5 months ago

This bugfix release drops the ReactDOM / React Native specific use of render batching, as React 18 now automatically batches, and updates the React types dependencies


Batching Dependency Updates

React-Redux has long depended on React's unstable_batchedUpdates API to help batch renders queued by Redux updates. It also re-exported that method as a util named batch.

However, React 18 now auto-batches all queued renders in the same event loop tick, so unstable_batchedUpdates is effectively a no-op.

Using unstable_batchedUpdates has always been a pain point, because it's exported by the renderer package (ReactDOM or React Native), rather than the core react package. Our prior implementation relied on having separate batch.ts and batch.native.ts files in the codebase, and expecting React Native's bundler to find the right transpiled file at app build time. Now that we're pre-bundling artifacts in React-Redux v9, that approach has become a problem.

Given that React 18 already batches by default, there's no further need to continue using unstable_batchedUpdates internally, so we've removed our use of that and simplified the internals.

We still export a batch method, but it's effectively a no-op that just immediately runs the given callback, and we've marked it as @deprecated.

We've also updated the build artifacts and packaging, as there's no longer a need for an alternate-renderers entry point that omits batching, or a separate artifact that imports from "react-native".

What's Changed

  • Drop renderer-specific batching behavior and deprecate batch by @markerikson in #2104
  • Drop @types/react-dom and lower @types/react to min needed by @markerikson in #2105

Full Changelog: v9.0.2...v9.0.3

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