npm react-redux 8.1.2

latest releases: 9.0.3, 9.0.2, 9.0.1...
4 months ago

This version changes imports from the React package to namespace imports so the package can safely be imported in React Server Components as long as you don't actually use it - this is for example important if you want to use the React-specifc createApi function from Redux Toolkit.

Some other changes:

  • The behaviour of the "React Context Singletons" from 8.1.1 has been adjusted to also work if you have multiple React instances of the same version (those will now be separated) and if you are in an environment without globalThis (in this case it will fall back to the previous behaviour).
  • We do no longer use Proxies, which should help with some very outdated consumers, e.g. smart TVs, that cannot even polyfill Proxies.

Full Changelog: v8.1.1...v8.1.2

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