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20 months ago

This patch release fixes some minor TS types issues, and updates the rarely-used areStatesEqual option for connect to now pass through ownProps for additional use in determining which pieces of state to compare if desired.

Note: 8.0.3 was accidentally published without one of these fixes. Use 8.0.4 instead.


TS Fixes

We've fixed an import of React that caused issues with the allowSyntheticDefaultImports TS compiler flag in user projects.

connect already accepted a custom context instance as props.context, and had runtime checks in case users were passing through a real value with app data as props.context instead. However, the TS types did not handle that case, and this would fail to compile. If your own component expects props.context with actual data, connect's types now use that type instead.

The ConnectedProps<T> type had a mismatch with React's built-in React.ComponentProps<Component> type, and that should now work correctly.

Other Changes

The areStatesEqual option to connect now receives ownProps as well, in case you need to make a more specific comparison with certain sections of state.

The new signature is:

  areStatesEqual?: (
    nextState: State,
    prevState: State,
    nextOwnProps: TOwnProps,
    prevOwnProps: TOwnProps
  ) => boolean

What's Changed

  • Don't require allowSyntheticDefaultImports: true by @apepper in #1924
  • Fixed type issue with ComponentProps from older @types/react by @Andarist in #1956
  • connect: pass ownProps to areStatesEqual by @jspurlin in #1951
  • Omit built-in context prop if user component props include context by @markerikson in #1958

Full Changelog: v8.0.2...v8.0.4

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