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20 months ago

This release fixes a bug in the 7.x branch that caused <Provider> to unsubscribe and stop updating completely when used inside of React 18's <StrictMode>. The new "strict effects" behavior double-mounts components, and the subscription needed to be set up inside of a useLayoutEffect instead of a useMemo. This was previously fixed as part of v8 development, and we've backported it.

Note: If you are now using React 18, we strongly recommend using the React-Redux v8 beta instead of v7.x!. v8 has been rewritten internally to work correctly with React 18's Concurrent Rendering capabilities. React-Redux v7 will run and generally work okay with existing code, but may have rendering issues if you start using Concurrent Rendering capabilities in your code.

Now that React 18 is out, we plan to finalize React-Redux v8 and release it live within the next couple weeks. Per an update yesterday in the "v8 roadmap" thread, React-Redux v8 will be updated in the next couple days to ensure support for React 16.8+ as part of the next beta release. We would really appreciate final feedback on using React-Redux v8 beta with React 18 before we publish the final version.

Full Changelog: v7.2.7...v7.2.8

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