npm react-redux 7.2.4

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2 years ago

This release drops our dependency on the core redux package by inlining bindActionCreators, and tweaks useSelector to ensure that selectors aren't run an extra time while re-rendering.


Redux Dependency Removal

React-Redux has always imported the bindActionCreators utility from the core redux package for use in connect. However, that meant that we had to have a peer dependency on redux, and this was the only reason we actually required that redux be installed. This became more annoying with the arrival of Redux Toolkit, which has its own dependency on redux internally, and thus users typically saw peer dependency warnings saying that "redux isn't listed as a dependency in your app".

Code reuse across separate packages is a great thing, but sometimes the right thing to do is duplicate code. So, we've inlined bindActionCreators directly into React-Redux, and we've completely dropped the dependency on Redux. This means that React-Redux will no longer produce a peerDep warning when used with Redux Toolkit, and <Provider> and connect really only need a Redux-store-compatible value to work right.

useSelector Fixes

Users reported that useSelector was re-running selector functions again unnecessarily while rendering after a dispatch. We've tweaked the logic to ensure that doesn't happen.

useSelector also now has checks in development to ensure that selector and equalityFn are functions.



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