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3 years ago

This release improves behavior in useSelector by returning the existing reference if the newly returned selector result passes the equality check, and adds a hard dependency on the @types/react-redux package to ensure TS users always have the typedefs installed.


useSelector Results Reuse

Issue #1654 reported that useSelector was returning new references from a selector even if the equality comparison function returned true. This is because the equality check was only ever being performed during the action dispatch process.

We now run the equality comparison against the value calculated by the selector while rendering, and return the existing reference for consistency if the old and new values are considered equal. This should improve some cases where further derived values where being recalculated unnecessarily.

TS Types Now Included

React-Redux has always been written in plain JS, and the typedefs maintained by the community in DefinitelyTyped. We plan on eventually rewriting the library in TypeScript in a future React-Redux v8 release, but until then the types can stay in DT.

However, having to always manually install @types/react-redux is annoying, and some users have gotten confused by that. This release adds a hard dependency on @types/react-redux, so that if you install react-redux, you automatically get the types as well. This should simplify the process for TS users.

Docs Updates

We've made several docs updates recently:

  • Renamed "Quick Start" to "Getting Started" and "Static Typing" to "Usage with TypeScript"
  • Dropped the docs API versioning setup, as the legacy API version docs pages were rarely viewed and the versioning setup confused docs contributors
  • Moved the old "Intro > Basic Tutorial" to "Tutorials > Connect" and marked it as semi-obsolete

We are currently working on a new React-Redux tutorial that will teach the React-Redux hooks as the primary approach, based on the "UI and React" page in the Redux docs "Fundamentals" tutorial.



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