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3 years ago

This release improves useSelector value display in the React DevTools, fixes a potential race condition, and fixes a couple additional minor issues.

useSelector DevTools Display

The React DevTools normally show custom hooks with their inspected name (such as "Selector" for useSelector), and any calls to core hooks inside. This is not always informative, so React has the useDebugValue hook to allow custom hooks to specify what value should be shown instead.

useSelector now calls useDebugValue to specifically show the current selected value instead of its internal hooks usage.

Bug Fixes

This release has a few different bug fixes:

  • A potential race condition when dispatching actions from child components in the commit phase vs selecting data in a parent
  • Removed an excess new object creation when forcing a re-render
  • Our internal prop name for a forwarded ref is now reactReduxForwardedRef to avoid a rare situation where someone else might be passing down a field named forwardedRef
  • Fixed a typo in a useSelector error message


  • Fix error message typo in useSelector ('You must pass a selector...). (@Pixelwelder - #1581)
  • fix useSelector race condition with memoized selector when dispatching in child components useLayoutEffect as well as cDM/cDU (@dai-shi - #1536)
  • removed a redundant object creation when using forceUpdate (@vzaidman - #1567)
  • Rename internal forwardedRef usage (@dtschust - #1553)
  • Show useSelector result in React DevTools (@Finesse - #1530)

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