npm react-native 0.74.0-rc.6

latest releases: 0.75.0-nightly-20240412-b72f5e998, 0.75.0-nightly-20240411-46b6453eb, 0.75.0-nightly-20240410-f7eaf6388...
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Android specific

iOS specific

Hermes dSYMS:

How to Test

Generate a new project:

npx react-native@next init RN0740RC6 --version 0.74.0-rc.6

Help us testing 🧪

If you find an issue, please let us know by opening a new Bug Report! Please specify with system you tried it on (ex. macos, windows).

Bonus points: It would be even better if you could swap things around: e.g. instead of using a fresh new app, using a real project with more complex code. Or, try using native libraries that use the New Architecture!

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