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15 months ago

12.0.0 (2023-04-01)

Hello everyone, the support for new architecture (fabric) is finally landing 🚀 . I've taken a lot of time but I've had to re-understand the whole codebase, the old arch, the new arch, and I did not want to take too many shortcuts.

This release should be mostly non breaking (except for a few well deserved props removals).
HOWEVER, this is a lot of code over a lot of time. Mistakes can happen, if you feel unsafe stick to v11 for a lil' while.

Finally this will unblock many PR (sorry for the conflicts in advance), so let's get releasing again 🔥

If you appreciate my work please to sponsor me !



  • If you are using custom native implementation are still possible on the old arch but many classes were moved / renamed so they will need some changes

  • removed the following props: androidHardwareAccelerationDisabled (deprecated), urlPrefixesForDefaultIntent (unused)

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