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11.0.0 (2020-11-24)



  • android: This release introduces the setSupportMultipleWindows prop for Android. This sets the underlying Android WebView setting setSupportMultipleWindows. This prop defaults to true (previously false), and serves to mitigate the security advisory CVE-2020-6506.

The primary way this new behavior changes existing React Native WebView implementations on Android is that links that open in new tabs/windows (such as <a target="_blank">) will now prompt to open in the system browser, rather than re-using the current WebView.

If this behavior is not desirable, you can set this new prop to false, but be aware that this exposes your app to the security vulnerability listed above. Make sure you have read and understand the whole advisory and relevant links.

iOS & Windows are unaffected.

  // ...
  setSupportMultipleWindows={true} // default: true

Thanks to @mrcoinbase, @kelset, and @Titozzz for their work on this.

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