npm react-native-onesignal 5.1.0
Release 5.1.0

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2 months ago

What's Changed

🎉 New Methods 🎉

  • Add getter for onesignalId and externalId and a UserState Observer to be notified of changes in [#1627]
  • Add asynchronous getter methods for Notifications permission and Push Subscription token, id,optedIn in [#1649]
    • 🛑 Deprecated methods 🛑
      • Notifications.hasPermission,, User.pushSubscription.token, and User.pushSubscription.optedIn are now deprecated but non-breaking.
    • See the Push Subscription Namespace API Reference and Notifications Namespace API Reference in the Migration Guide for usage of new methods getPermissionAsync, getIdAsync, getTokenAsync, and getOptedInAsync.

⚠️ Minor Breaking Change ⚠️

  • API update for PushSubscriptionState: the Push Subscription observer will now be passed nullable properties. Please account for the possibility of the push subscription token and id being null.

Native Changes

  • Bump Android Native Version to 5.1.6
  • Bump iOS Native Version to 5.1.3

Full Changelog: 5.0.6...5.1.0

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