npm react-native-onesignal 3.3.0
3.3.0 Release

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4 years ago

Android - In-App Messages, Changing AppId, & Other Misc Fixes

  • See the OneSignal In-App quickstart guide for more details.
  • When re-initializing with a different AppId the device registers correctly without requiring an app cold start
    • Dashboard parameters are now correctly refreshed as well from the new app id.
  • Notification Channels / Categories, added invalid format handling to LED colors.
  • Fixed com.onesignal.PrivacyConsent AndroidManifest.xml check when using newest init method.
  • Fixed location permission prompting and session count / time tracking after privacy consent is accepted.
  • Removed rnpm from package.json to fix React Native 0.60 compatibility.
  • Fixed onesignal_app_id via manifestPlaceholders not working if used in defaultConfig.
  • iOS - Added a min for "React" of version of 0.13.0 to ensure the a local copy is being used from node_modules
  • Misc fixes to example projects

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