npm react-native-onesignal 3.2.4

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6 years ago

react-native-onesignal Improvements and Bug Fixes

• Fixes an issue (#512) that caused the opened event to stop working if the app uses native Objective-C RCTOneSignal initialization (which gets fired when a notification is tapped).
• Fixes a JSON parsing issue (#519) that caused Android to be unable to post notifications
• Adds OneSignal.h from the native iOS SDK to Copy Headers, which should resolve issues where the RCTOneSignal library cannot find OneSignal.h (this has not been reported as an issue thus far however).
• Updates the Native SDK's to the most recent versions (iOS = 2.8.5 and Android = 3.9.1).

Android 3.9.1 Improvements and Fixes

• Fixed issue with latest Proguard causing FCM and Android Support library report as not found (Issue #533)
• FCM init error when the Firebase Auth library was added to the project. PR #530
• Fixed GoogleAPIClient not connected yet errors. Issue #509
• Android 7.0 Bad Notification: Couldn't expand RemoteViews for: StatusBarNotification (Restore on app update disabled to fix issue #263 )
• NPE on flushBufferToDisk. Issue #513

iOS 2.8.5 Improvements and Fixes

• Fixes a rare concurrency issue with the SDK's HTTP client.
• This issue would have caused exceptions when GDPR consent was revoked, or in some wrapper SDK's, early in the app lifecycle before the app ID was provided.

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