npm react-native-fast-image 5.1.0

@patrickkempff has done a lot to improve the stability and usefulness of this library in this release 🙏🏻.


  • A Resources.NotFoundException will now be thrown if a local image cannot be resolved. (7859d5b6d919c6c769bed4901d12b6941b4473bb - @patrickkempff)


  • Not rendering local images in production builds. (47e36edc24a1990eeb735527ae4ebe6d2dbe61b5 - @patrickkempff)
  • Crash where activity was already destroyed before React Native could cleanup view manager. (8f702ed1d9ae69dfea172ebc5da3af7764a73808 - @patrickkempff)
  • Incorrect Flow types. (ba447531ace686d52178d943e9d5337d2fc74da7 - @retyui)
latest releases: 8.3.4, 8.3.3, 8.3.2...
2 years ago