npm rate-limiter-flexible 3.0.0
Support of ioredis v4+ and redis v4+

one month ago

I have a really great news!
rate-limiter-flexible supports ioredis v4+ and redis v4+ now.
We have been waiting for this moment for years.

Thanks to @roggervalf. And one big thank you from me personally

Since this is major release, there are


  1. rate-limiter-flexible works with ioredis package of any version (tested versions 2, 3, 4 and 5) by default now. If you want it to work with the latest redis package, you should set useRedisPackage flag. If you use redis of version 3 or lower, you should set useRedis3AndLowerPackage. We kept it flexible for you.
  2. deprecated options started with lowercased inmemory prefix are removed. You can use inMemoryBlockOnConsumed and
    inMemoryBlockDuration instead.
  3. deprecated redis option for RateLimiterRedis was removed. (Most likely you never heard about it, since it was deprecated years ago). You should use storeClient option instead.

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