npm proxy-chain 1.0.0

  • BREAKING: The parseUrl() function slightly changed its behavior (see README for details):
    • it no longer returns an object on invalid URLs and throws an exception instead
    • it URI-decodes username and password if possible
      (if not, the function keeps the username and password as is)
    • it adds back auth property for better backwards compatibility
  • The above change should make it possible to pass upstream proxy URLs containing
    special characters, such as
    or The parsing is done on a best-effort basis.
    The safest way is to always URI-encode username and password before constructing
    the URL, according to RFC 3986.
    This change should finally fix issues: #89, #67, and #108
  • BREAKING: Improved error handling in createTunnel() and prepareRequestFunction() functions and provided better error messages. Both functions now fail if the upstream proxy URL contains colon (:) character in the username, in order to comply with RFC 7617. The functions now fail fast with a reasonable error, rather later and with cryptic errors.
  • BREAKING: The createTunnel() function now lets the system assign potentially random listening TCP port, instead of the previous selection from range from 20000 to 60000.
  • BREAKING: The undocumented findFreePort() function was moved from tools.js to test/tools.js
  • Added the ability to access proxy CONNECT headers for proxy tunneling.
  • Removed dependency on Node.js internal modules, hopefully allowing usage of this library in Electron.
  • Got rid of the "portastic" NPM package and thus reduced bundle size by ~50%
  • Various code improvements and better tests.
  • Updated packages.
latest releases: 1.0.4, 1.0.4-beta.0, 1.0.3...
6 months ago