npm pino 6.0.0

latest releases: 9.2.0, 9.1.0, 9.0.0...
4 years ago

Major changes

  • Drops support for no longer maintained versions of Node.js #776 #747
  • Removes v from log lines #623 #620
  • Logs literal null #711 #706
  • Adds formatters for core log components (a powerful new way to customize how log lines are rendered; thank you @delvedor) #775 #764
  • Softens language around the modes of logging available #791 #785
  • Removes implicit appending of objects to message strings (see below) #795 #793
  • Codifies LTS policy going forward #799

Implicit formatting removed #795

Previously, Pino emulated Bunyan's behavior when interpreting logs like:

  1.'a message', { an: 'object'})
  2.'a', 'silly', 'message')

The old behavior would result in 1 yielding "msg":"a message {\"an\":\"object\"}" and 2 yielding
"msg":"a silly message". As of this release, 1 will yield "msg":"a message" and 2 will yield "msg":"a".

To get the same results in Pino v6 as in previous releases actual format identifiers should be provided, e.g.:

  1.'a message %j', { an: 'object' })
  2.'a %s %s', 'silly', 'message')

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